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If you are shopping or considering shopping for used cars in San Diego, there are several things you should do before you start visiting San Diego dealers' lots. As a smart San Diego consumer, it is important to have a general idea of what you want in a San Diego car and to have a budget planned. There are several questions you should ask yourself when you are deciding which used San Diego cars are right for you. After you have a general idea of the best cars, it is important to know a few helpful tips for when you visit San Diego used car dealers.

How To Pick The Right Used Car In San Diego

Although most San Diego residents are attracted to certain cars for their appearance or power, it is important to consider more than just these aspects of cars. Never let the San Diego car's brand, style or features completely dictate a decision. You should consider several factors. Ask yourself these questions to determine what your needs are for cars in San Diego.

How many passengers do you need to transport in San Diego? Will you be purchasing the car for yourself, your family or a future family in San Diego? If you have a large family or plan to have one, a San Diego minivan or SUV may be a good choice. Smaller San Diego families may prefer full-size cars or mid-size cars. If you are single and prefer efficient cars, smaller San Diego cars will suffice.

Will you drive the San Diego car in snow or ice? Do you take trips to Big Bear Mountain or away from San Diego often? If you plan to frequently travel outside of San Diego in the winter to the mountains, you should choose a vehicle that handles well on snow and ice. It is also important to pay attention to safety ratings from the IIHS.

Do you plan to drive very little or a lot in San Diego? If you have a long commute to San Diego or from San Diego, fuel efficiency should be a priority for you. For off-road sports and driving near San Diego, you should choose a vehicle designed for rougher terrain. Look for something with four-wheel drive. If you do not plan on driving a lot in San Diego, fuel efficiency and terrain concerns may not be as important.

Are safety features important to you? Many San Diego families shopping for used cars seek good safety features. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rates San Diego vehicles for their abilities to protect passengers in structural design and safety features. Lane departure warning signals let San Diego drivers know when they drift into another lane. Some San Diego cars have safety features that detect other cars in the blind spot or slow down when nearing another vehicle from behind. It is important to think about what safety features are best for personal needs in San Diego. Spend some time researching them. The IIHS rates the safest cars with a Top Safety Pick Plus rating. They must pass very strict tests to earn this distinction, and the San Diego vehicles that do not quite earn this award may earn the Top Safety Pick distinction. It is not difficult to find cars in San Diego that have one of the two ratings.

Do you need to tow anything regularly? If you need to tow San Diego boats or San Diego trailers on a regular basis, be sure you purchase a car that is capable of towing the load you need to transport. You can usually find this information by visiting the car manufacturer's site.

How much cargo space do you need for San Diego driving? Many people who live in San Diego use their cars to haul personal belongings or products for work. If you venture out of San Diego to go camping or hiking often, you need a car that has enough room to transport you, your passengers and your gear from San Diego and back to San Diego comfortably.

How long will you drive the San Diego car? Some San Diego residents purchase a used car with the intention of using it for just a few years. However, you may want to purchase the car and drive it for many years in San Diego. If you plan to stay in San Diego, it is smart to buy cars that hold their value well, have lower miles and are somewhat new. When you need a long-term car in San Diego, be sure to think carefully about your cargo, fuel and passenger requirements.

Do you have space to park your San Diego vehicle? While many San Diego homes have garages, not all of them are large. Some San Diego residents have to pay to park their cars. If you have to pay to park your car in San Diego or do not think large cars will fit in your garage, consider buying a smaller car. San Diego has different rules about parking cars in various areas of the city. If you are unsure of the parking rules and fees for cars where you live, contact the city offices in San Diego for more information.

Do you want to lease or buy in San Diego? Many San Diego residents learn the advantages of buying over leasing quickly. The main benefit of buying a used car in San Diego is that you own the car when you are done paying it off. Leasing is more like renting in San Diego. If you plan to take care of your car for a long time, San Diego used cars are the best options for you. With San Diego used cars, you do not have to pay high price tags and can enjoy more affordable payments than you would if you leased or bought a new San Diego car.

Steps For Buying Used Cars In San Diego

Once you decide what your needs are and have a list of cars compiled, it is time to start looking for cars in San Diego. In addition to your list of requirements, you should have a list of the types of cars you want to find in San Diego. Do you want San Diego SUVs? Do you prefer full-size San Diego cars with plenty of safety features? Do you want a car with good gas mileage to commute to San Diego and from San Diego? Once you have a general idea of the car or cars you are looking for, it is time to take the steps to make a great used San Diego car yours.

1. Plan a budget. If you plan on financing a car in San Diego, it is important to review your bills carefully. San Diego financial experts say you should not spend more than 20 percent of your monthly income on a San Diego vehicle payment. However, you may want to aim for less than that if you have a lot of San Diego debts and bills. Review your monthly obligations, set a target amount and remember that you will also have to pay for San Diego auto insurance. To have a better idea of how much you might pay for San Diego insurance, request quotes for several different cars that interest you. Keep in mind that newer cars usually cost less to insure in San Diego.

2. Comprise a list of desired San Diego used cars. Since you have spent some time browsing cars by this point, you have an idea of what cars to look for in San Diego. Using the information you gathered from safety ratings, cost, features and other issues that are important to you, make a list of the cars you hope to find in San Diego. You can list them in the order you prefer. For example, if you like both Mercedes and BMW cars but prefer a San Diego Mercedes, you may want to list the types of Mercedes cars you like first.

3. Research prices and San Diego reviews for the cars. NADA and Kelley Blue Book are two good sources for checking San Diego car prices. San Diego cars in better condition may cost a little more than those estimates. Search online to see what other San Diego residents or car owners have to say about the cars you are interested in. If you notice the same problems cited regularly, search online to see if there are any recalls issued from the manufacturer about those cars and specific problems. If this is the case and you buy that type of San Diego car, you can take it to an approved San Diego dealership to have the recall work completed for free.

4. Start test driving used cars in San Diego. Once you have prioritized your list based requirements, you are ready to start shopping for cars in San Diego. It is important to test drive any San Diego cars you are considering buying. While you are driving, make sure the car runs good on San Diego surface streets and on San Diego freeways. If it runs well, put it on your final list of desired San Diego cars. Look for the other cars on your list to test drive at a San Diego dealership. San Diego has great radio stations but keep the radio off when driving. Listen carefully for any clunking or knocking sounds in the engine. Make sure the brakes work well. Watch for trepidation when going over 45 mph, 55 mph and 65 mph on San Diego roads.

5. Check specific San Diego insurance rates for the desired cars. If you have a San Diego insurance company you plan to use, call to request quotes for any of the San Diego cars on your final list. To compare quotes, use a quote comparison tool online or call several San Diego insurance companies. Keep in mind that San Diego cars must carry the mandatory minimum coverage. A San Diego agent can explain this to you. However, it is wise to purchase higher limit amounts and comprehensive coverage for cars in San Diego.

6. Check the history reports for the desired San Diego cars. You can use the vehicle identification numbers to check the history reports for San Diego cars. When cars are declared total losses by San Diego insurance companies, they submit a report. Reports are also submitted for San Diego cars that have their odometers rolled back. If the reports are clean, the San Diego cars are likely good investments. However, San Diego cars with salvage titles can be problematic as long-term investments. If they have been repaired properly, they can be good first cars for San Diego teen drivers. Have San Diego salvage cars assessed by a mechanic for safety issues. If you want to buy a San Diego car with a salvage title, be sure to check with your San Diego insurance company first to see if they will insure it. Not all San Diego insurers will do this.

7. Have the cars inspected in San Diego. When you find San Diego cars that you want to buy, take them to a trusted mechanic in San Diego for inspection. Most San Diego dealers do not intentionally try to sell cars with major problems. However, sometimes problems are not apparent when San Diego dealerships first receive them. A good San Diego mechanic can conduct an inspection of cars to tell you if they are a good investment.

8. Negotiate a good deal. If you decide you are ready to buy a car in San Diego, choose the one that suits your needs best. Keep looking if you have not found exactly what you want yet and plan to make your San Diego car a long-term investment. With the values you looked up for the San Diego cars you are considering, talk to a sales representative. A good San Diego dealership will offer you a fair price for the car. Keep in mind that any San Diego dealership or San Diego private seller will want to make a small profit. Some San Diego cars are in better condition or have had work done that increases their value. Be sure to consider all of these issues when negotiating a price for a San Diego car.

How To Check San Diego Used Cars Before Buying

You should always take a long-term investment vehicle to a San Diego mechanic before buying it. However, there are several things you can do to check for major issues on your own. For any San Diego cars, use these tips.

Check the paint job and tires. At the San Diego dealership, make sure the car is parked on level ground. Check the paint for rust spots and the tires for wear.

Check the trunk and under the floor mats. Cars in San Diego with water damage may show signs of it in the trunk or on the floor. Make sure both areas are in good condition.

Check the San Diego car's saddle. San Diego cars that have been wrecked or have frame damage may be welded at the saddle. This is the part on the front that connects the fenders. It should be bolted and not welded.

Check the exhaust. Make sure the car is parked and shut off at the San Diego dealership. Put your finger in the exhaust pipe, wipe it to the side and inspect it for grimy residue. If it has a white vapor when started, this could indicate an exhaust problem.

Check under the hood. Look for belts that appear worn, rust spots on metal parts and hard radiator hoses. The hoses should be hard and not soft on good San Diego cars.

Check the engine. Look closely for signs of corrosion or leaks on the engine. The stains are usually brown in color. Check the brake fluid reservoir to ensure there are no leaks.

Check the interior. Make sure all the buttons, radio and levers work properly. Look at the upholstery to see if there are tears or wear.

At, our goal is to help you find the best San Diego used cars for your needs. If you need a car to get to your San Diego job, San Diego school or to use for your hobbies in San Diego, we can help. We strive to provide top quality cars in San Diego. Our technicians take the time to make sure we put you in a reliable San Diego car that suits your needs. Shopping for San Diego cars and buying used cars is a process that takes time. Your San Diego car is an investment. Since we respect you and appreciate your trust in us, our San Diego representatives take the time to learn your needs and help you find the best cars. We understand that making a big investment makes most people feel nervous. Our representatives help you every step of the way and answer any questions. If you are concerned about financing, we can help you find San Diego lenders. Do not be discouraged if your credit is not perfect. San Diego lenders understand that few people have perfect credit, and we work with a variety of companies for varying financing needs.

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